Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stunning Baby Accessories!!

The Pat-a-Cake Baby

With "The Pat-a-Cake Baby", we bring to you the ultimate source of accessories for your baby as well as funky "onesies". You will now be able to match your accessories with a variety of patterns and fabrics making you the envy of your mother's group!

"The Pat-a-Cake Baby" introduces you to the "diapper diddie", a wallet that provides space for you to store 2-3 nappies plus wipes. It also folds out to form a change mat, giving you a place to change your bub anywhere! You will also find trendy dummy holders, bibs, baby blankets and burp cloths.

We have placed an order for a variety of items from "The Pat-a-Cake Baby" and are eagerly awaiting their arrival. Obviously we can only show a selection of available items in this post, however if you see any items that you are interested in, check out our facebook gallery or contact us at littlegrace@y7mail.com so that we can send you a digital catalogue.

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